Seedleaf Volunteering to Begin Soon

By Elizabeth Gabbert

Spring is approaching- that means people soon will be focused on planting their gardens and volunteering for Seedleaf is slated to begin.

Volunteer coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA member Katherine Spears says, “Spring planting is just around the corner, so volunteer work will really be picking up again this month and especially in April.”

Spears says, this Saturday (March 5th)  “we’ll be reviving the breadbox garden behind West 6th Brewery as part of our Sixth for a Cause event there from 4-8.” They will also host a “wormshop” and a Seedleaf 101 presentation. Spears says the presentation will detail what Seedleaf is all about as an organization.

Details about these 3 events can be found on Facebook at

According to their website, Seedleaf “exists to nourish communities by growing, cooking, sharing and recycling food.” They work to “increase our neighbors’ access to healthy food–one free, u-pick garden at a time.”

You can visit to learn more about Seedleaf, to sign up for volunteer opportunities and to subscribe to their emails.






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