Lexington neighborhood examined, illustrated in ‘Fairway, A Living History’

If you look hard enough, you’ll discover that every neighborhood in America has a history and unique identity. But for the Fairway neighborhood, nestled just a hop, skip, and a jump outside of downtown Lexington; learning about its tremendously detailed history simply requires a look inside the book, Fairway, A Living History.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, the idea of putting together an in-depth composition detailing Fairway’s history came about through Robert Figg, who was president of the Fairway Neighborhood Association in the late 1990s, after he’d heard “colorful stories” about Fairway’s history. Figg’s idea generated some steam throughout Fairway, and by 2008, neighborhood residents had begun extensive research and conducting interviews. But for a project as elaborate and broad as putting a complete history of Fairway together, which would ultimately become a book, professional help was necessary. To that end, a five-member advisory board was constructed, which comprised for four historians and John Carroll – a former editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Baltimore Sun, and Los Angeles Times.

Included in the 186 pages of Fairway, A Living History, are elaborate chapters including Fairway Lineage (1), The United States Army Remount Service Station and The Lexington National Guard Horse Calvary Troop B 123rd Kentucky Cavalry (3), Idle Hour Country Club (8), and Fairway Neighborhood Association (10).


The collective contents include seemingly countless maps and photographs illustrated multiple facets of Fairway’s history of residents, the Preface by John Carroll, the Foreword by Eric Brooks, 10 chapters, an Epilogue, a Bibliography, and an Index.

Tom Eblen of the Lexington Herald-Leader noted, “I have seen other neighborhood histories, but none that are as well researched, well written and well illustrated.”


It’s a sentiment most could likely echo. While every neighborhood in America has a history and a unique identity of its own, how many have a 10-chapter book professionally illustrating such?

Fairway, A Living History is available for purchase for $35.00 (Hardcover), and $20.00 (Paperback).


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