Written by: Alexa Wingate


The Leestown Road area of Lexington had been experiencing massive amounts of traffic over the last decade. Residents were to the point of staying in the house if they could to avoid the traffic.

Last April, L-M Asphalt Partners of Lexington were given $38 million to begin the construction of expanding Leestown Road and extending Citation Blvd.

The project began April 2015 and was completed in December 2015 and residents of the area are pleased with the way traffic moves around the area.

A 2.5-year resident, Max Morones, says, “traffic was pretty bad before the opening of Citation.”

The Masterson Station/Coldstream population has grown tremendously in the last decade with the constant building of homes and how nice of an area it is. Resident Morones said he recommends this part of town because “it’s a nice neighborhood with minimal crimes and really good schools”

Traffic around five o’clock rush hour would take longer than average to get around the Leestown area and Georgetown Street Area. The 2.45 miles added to Citation Blvd have reduced traffic on Leestown Road, Mercer Road, Georgetown Road, and parts of Newtown Pike.

Morones says, “There is absolutely no traffic.” He says he travels from to and from work during morning and evening rush hour. The expansion of the area continues to grow. Talks have risen about a possible shopping center, with a gas station.

Citation Boulevard Extension (7-226)


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