Spring Football calls for vehicle relocation


By Katherine Stach

In preparation for Saturday’s University of Kentucky spring football game, the university has asked that any vehicles parked at Commonwealth Stadium be relocated to a different area, as they typically were for fall football games.

The university has asked that any students and employees who park at Commonwealth and in the Sports Center Drive lots, including Sports Center Garage, move their vehicles prior to 7 a.m. Saturday morning. However, R7 permit holders parked on Complex Drive will not be required to move their vehicles.

Furthermore, parking is prohibited on University Drive for the entirety of Saturday, April 16.

Any individual who fails to move their vehicle from the stadium parking lots, Sports Center Garage, Sports Center Lot or University Drive may face a citation or possible impoundment of their vehicle. This includes the red, blue, green and orange stadium lots, the Greg Page Overflow lot and the soccer/softball complex lots as well.

For additional information on UK Parking and Transportation Services game day policies and an illustrated map on where to move your vehicle, visit www.uky.edu/pts/parking-info_football-game-day-parking.


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