Congressional internship opportunities for UK students

Wildcats in Washington” is now giving UK students an opportunity to intern in the District of Columbia.

Sponsored by the University of Kentucky Student Government, students can work in the offices of:

These congressional positions are an opportunity for students to work with lawmakers and governmental agents.  Each internship ranges from four to six weeks.

Students must go through an application and interview process. If chosen, it includes a $1,500 living stipend.

The internships are open to all University of Kentucky students returning for fall semester 2012, require a one-page application sheet and corresponding Congressional Internship application of the Congressman to which a student applies. Those documents and all other required materials should be completed and submitted by 3 p.m. to the SGA office, 120 Student Center, by Thursday, March 1.

Students who do not know their Congressional district should access Kentucky Voter Information Center to see their registration and district information (

For more information including application requirements and materials, please visit